Wednesday, September 12, 2012

White Peacocks

This weekend I went in search of the elusive white peacock.  It's like they shouldn't even exist in real life, only drawn in little girl's sketchbooks or in drippy fantasy movies.  I thought I remembered reading that there were some at the L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia, so off we went.  I was getting over a killer cold, it was 100 gd degrees, and they had West Nile Virus warnings all over the place, but we stuck it out and spent a good two hours wandering around the place.  We saw a lot of cool things, but we did not see this:
 There were a lot of regular peacocks, though.  Just walking around, being average.  In fact, there's no shortage of peacocks in the city of Arcadia- it's the official bird and it's part of their logo.  They just cruise down the streets- in fact, they legally have the right of way.  The land that the Arboretum is on was originally owned by Lucky Baldwin, a wealthy businessman who brought back peacocks from a trip to India.  Hundreds of them lived on his land, caught snakes, and acted as noisy guard dogs, crying out when intruders approached.  So, that's how the whole peacock thing happened in Arcadia.  Aside from the whole no white peacocks- the Arboretum was beautiful.  They have waterfalls, gardens, greenhouses, grand old buildings and stables, AND outdoor movie nights.  Soon I can check off "Watch a movie with a peacock" from my list of goals.  Here's a few pics of the gardens and Lucky Baldwin's cottage- which was the building in the opening scenes of Fantasy Island, just FYI:

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