Monday, July 30, 2012

A Cursive Celebration

In Second - maybe Third- grade, my class had to write in a journal every day and it had to be in cursive.  The teacher would read them, so there was no getting out of it.  I still have a few of mine; in one, I rat out the girl who sat next to me for probably, most likely, though I had no proof, stealing my gummy eraser.  In another, I dramatically write about a doctor's visit in whence he tells me that I have, "symptoms," and I wonder, could a kid ever die from this disease called, "symptoms," and should I even have to be be going to school anymore?  In all of them, my cursive is a disaster.  If you held the pages out at an arms length, they would best depict, not words but an abstract pencil drawing of many sheep in motion.  Deciphering it is a challenge, like uncovering an ancient script.  Which, coincidentally, seems to be the road that cursive is headed down these days.  I was reading an article about how schools across America aren't teaching cursive anymore.  While I get it, I'm still a nostalgic person and it gave me a slight case of the sads.  So, in honor of 2nd grade journals everywhere, how about a little cursive celebration?

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