Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer Bummer

I'm not wild about summer.  In fact; it's my least favorite season.  I think of Summer and I think of fruit flies, street festivals, Tevas, those advertising blimps, people oiling themselves, pickpockets, and melanoma.  Spring just started but I'm already feeling like that showboat of a season is already pushing it's way in.  I walked outside yesterday and it felt hot and sticky and all I could do was roll my eyes at the idea of Summer.  In an attempt to embrace what seems like everyone else's favorite season, I tried to think of things I actually like about Summer.  Iced Tea.  That's it so far.   I'm working on it. 
Hibiscus-Earl Grey Iced Tea
Serves 8
2 quarts water (preferably filtered)
6 Earl Grey tea bags (or 6 teaspoons looseleaf tea in an infuser)
1/2 cup dried hibiscus blossoms
Combine all ingredients in a lidded jar or pitcher and refrigerate for at least two hours and overnight. A shorter brewing time yields a lighter drink, while a longer brewing time intensifies the color and flavor.
Strain and chill until ready to serve.
Some variations:
• Add other ingredients during the infusion, such as orange slices, a cinnamon stick, a couple of star anise pods, or a couple of thyme sprigs.
• Sweeten the brewed tea with simple syrup.
• Serve with a slice or twist of lime.

Recipe via The Kitchn
Ceramic Iced Tea Pitcher via Rare Device

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