Saturday, April 7, 2012

Monty Montana

Jeremy has a funny story about his friend who, many years ago, decided to learn how to lasso.  He went out all day to practice, never really got the hang of it, and headed over slightly defeated to Jeremy's house.  As they stood on Jeremy's front lawn - his friend wearing a cowboy hat, no shirt, and holding his rope - a frantic neighbor ran up, took a look at him and said, "My goat got loose!  Can you help me catch him?"  Off they went.  He ended up running around and around, trying to lasso her pygmy goat well into the evening hours.  Never caught him.  I like the visual image, though. 

This morning I innocently began searching for a couple pictures of cowboy roping master, Monty Montana and got sucked into the vortex of Google.  Half an hour later, as the sunlight filtering through the blinds became brighter, I was considering bidding on his old clothing on auction sites.  Understandable, though.  He had some serious style.

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