Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Confessions and a Sanitarium

1.  The house I grew up in was in a rural area, where no one would hear you if you screamed for help.  I know this because, as a child, I would hide in the yard and yell, "Help, help-I'm drowning!!!" and nobody would come running (I am well aware that drowning was a weird choice).  This knowledge left me with the feeling that, once the sun went down; I was starring in a horror film.  The front of the house had a long hallway that was made entirely out of windows.  This made walking down the hallway at night quite scary.  So I didn't walk.  I would spastically karate chop my way down the hall, so that all the bad guys out there would see me and think, "Woah, that 7-year-old has some lethal skills.  We'd better skip this house."

2.  Recently, when Jeremy was working late, I woke up and thought I heard someone trying to break in to our apartment through this weird door that opens up to a "fire escape," hallway and connects all the apartments.  I pulled out my phone and you tubed, "barking dog," and stood there holding my phone up to the door.  When the video ended, I heard my neighbors-who sometimes smoke in that hallway- say, "Did they get a dog?"  I tip-toed back to my room in shame.

I am a scaredy cat.  I will not deny it.  Unfortunately, I also enjoy visiting abandoned buildings.  These two qualities do not compliment each other.

Yesterday, we drove out to the tiny mountain town of Keene to check out an abandoned-and supposedly haunted- old TB hospital.  It's a huge and gorgeous old building that's both moody and dramatic. While it's mostly boarded up, you could get in if you tried- but it's creepy enough just walking around the outside.  Looking in the windows, you can see overturned file cabinets, mattresses, phones left off the hook, and empty hallways leading to open rooms.  At one point, Jeremy leaned in close to a window to look into a totally empty room and as soon as he put his face to the window, someone/thing loudly and purposefully TAP-TAP-TAPPED on the window from the inside.  Heart.  Attack.  City.  We sped back to the car.  Maybe somehow, someone was playing a joke on us but Jeremy is not the scaredy cat that I am and even he was sufficiently creeped out.

So, if you're looking to get creeped out- it's quite an incredible place to explore and take pictures.  There are various no trespassing signs posted so, know that.  The land is owned by the United Farm Workers-and you will pass by the National Chavez Center on your way in - Cesar Chavez is buried on the land- we weren't stopped but you may want to do the respectable thing ask for permission.   Here's a million pictures.

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