Saturday, January 7, 2012

Schoolhouse Electric

Have you ever driven behind a car whose wheel is about to fall off and the whole car is shaking and the tires are spinning wildly in every direction except the direction they're  supposed to be going in and you don't want to be anywhere near that car because someone is obviously going to get hurt?  That's kinda what the ceiling fan in my bedroom is like.  It is obvious to me that the fan is fighting to disengage itself from the ceiling so it could fall down on the bed, blades still chopping, and begin a murderous spree throughout our household, so I began a rather spastic-looking practice of jumping away really quick when pulling the cord.  And it's a good thing I did- one time I pulled the cord and the glass lightshade came crashing down and hit the bedpost sending large and potentially fatal shards of glass shooting across the room.  Sometimes fear pays off.  Sometimes fear also leads you down the path of discovering awesome lighting stores.  Schoolhouse Electric has long been one of my favorite places to peruse for lamps BUT NOW they also carry furniture, office supplies, homeware, and gifts amongst other things.  Now I can head there to find replacements for all of my murderous appliances.

As a side note, I have that lamp pictured above and the switch in the back makes the most satisfying clicking noise when you switch it on and off.  A+

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