Friday, January 13, 2012

I Wish We Were Friends

I feel like we'd stoop it over at your house a lot, me drinking wine spritzers, you drinking something brown out of an unmarked glass bottle and making intimidating gestures at people walking by who have stolen my parking spots in the past.  You could take my side when Jeremy and I got into petty arguments and explain to him why I'm right in, like, three grunts or less and then we'd all take a shot.  For Christmas, you'd probably give me a 20lb, customized collar for Math Ruler that I'd put on him, moments before I knew you were comming over, because otherwise, his head would be anchored to the floor all the time.  I'd teach you how to use Spotify and later, you'd text me at 2am about all the new music you discovered and I'd tell you to go to sleep.  When we'd go traveling together, I'd get mad at you as you held up the security checkpoint line because you'd forget to remove all of your ridiculous jewelry.  You'd just shrug helplessly and then you'd get us bumped up to first class without saying a word and all would be forgotten. 

Photo by Carlo Gianferro

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