Sunday, January 15, 2012

Black Cat Auditions 1961

True story: years ago I had a dinner party and my friend brought over some guy she started dating.  This guy starts talking about how cute my cat is and was saying she, "had something special about her."  I agreed and said I was thinking about getting her into cat modeling (lies) and that my other friend that was there was a cat model agent (more lies) and she was setting up some projects for my cat.  My friend went along with it and answered his questions about how much cat models make and how to get them into the business and then he starts getting competitive about my cat and this undiscovered star cat of his.  He said his cat was just as cute as mine and was friendlier and sat still longer.  Like, he just tried to work these "facts" into casual conversation.  He was totally trying to steal my cat agent and I found myself getting really annoyed and kinda hating him until I stepped back and realized I am the a-hole who makes up lies about cat modeling.  Anyways, I love these old LIFE photos of a Hollywood cat audition. 
Photos by Ralph Crane


  1. i'd like to know.

    was it like a running *joke* and at the end of the night you were all "haha we haaaaad you!" or was it just like, an awesome kind of pointless but totally entertaining lie for your own amusement?

  2. It was supposed to result in a self-satisfied/lighthearted sort of joke. But then it took a turn for the serious. And it's hard to rebound from that. However, I do like imagining him branching out from this moment and counting all his cat modeling bills at a big desk.