Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And it's back to the Apple store.

Taking my computer in is quickly becoming my least favorite activity of 2012. This time I know why my computer is broken but I'm not going to tell them because I feel stupid about it.  If I did choose the path of honesty, the interaction would probably go something like this...
Genius: Hi Katie!  Wow-back so soon?  You must've really missed us!  Hahaha!!!
Katie: Um, yeah.  My computer is frozen on "safe boot".
G: OK, lemmie see, looks like your Apple Care just ran out two weeks ago.  Bad timing, huh!?!
K: Yeah, I know.  We talked about this, like, a week ago.
G: Right!  So, did anything happen?  Did you drop it or did it get wet?
K: I was drinking water and I laughed and spit water on it.
G: Wow, that was stupid!  Must've been a pretty funny joke!  Got a lot of funny jokers in your life, huh?
K: I made myself laugh.  I was home alone and I was thinking about if my friend Lindsay married this guy whose last name is Rimsey and then her name would rhyme and it would be so stupid and I totally cracked myself up.  While drinking water.
G: Wow!!!  Maybe you should send the bill to this Mr. Rimsey, huh?  Hahaha!
K: He's not real.  I made him up.  There was never a possibility of this happening.  It was never even funny to begin with.  Please just fix my computer.  Here's my credit card, it will probably get denied.
G: Bet you wish we had a punch card like at a coffee shop!!!  Cuz you're in here so often, get it???

Every time, buddy.
Photo by Kourtney Roy


  1. there is a commentator on npr named mark o'warman. i've spent countless hours of driving time thinking about what would happen if you married him. and hyphenated your last name. i think i would laugh a lot if that happened.

  2. sometimes we used to joke (a lot) that we would name Henry (our baby) Herman. Or Herman Merman. To go with his last name. Which is Jerman. Good ole Herman Merman Jerman. You know.

    i've spent countless hours wondering if that guys name was marco worman or mark o'worman. #broadcastissues

    in other news HI! can we link to your blog when ESB runs the post?

  3. So, I always heard Mark O'Gorman and I took a certain sense of pride in it. Bummer.
    Also- Herman Merman Jerman?!?! Oh, man. If I would've even considered a triple name rhyme- my computer would have a lot more damage. Is it worth considering doctoring up a fake birth certificate that says Herman Merman Jerman so that Henry could come across it later in life and wonder if his parents were closeted rhyming fanatics?
    And: yes! of course.