Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding Ring Redo

I didn't have a wedding ring the day we left LA to drive up North for our wedding.  I put lots more planning into take home CD's and plastic animals for the tables.  Jeremy and I packed up each of our cars and, even though he had to drive to Echo Park to pick up his friend, he was still ahead of me by, like, 2 hours.  I got as far as Glendale when I realized I had just enough money in my account for gas and...that was about it.  I pulled over at the first jewelry store I spotted and this suave George Hamilton looking fellow stopped chatting with a customer and glided over to ask if I needed help.  I said, "I need a silver wedding band," and I could see the dollar signs flash in his eyes.  I had said the magic word.  So I followed it up with, "And it has to be under $100."  He frowned slightly.  "And preferably under $50."  He turned away and said, as he walked back to the previous customer, "I'll get our trainee to assist you."  I didn't even get someone with a name.  Anyways, Trainee was great and she found me my bottom shelf wedding band for $19.99 and I was back on the road.  Problem is, while I love it because it's what I got married with, it's a bit of a snoozer.  I'm contemplating a tradesies with this signet stardust ring from Andrea Bonelli.  This way, I can keep ol' trainee ring in a box for safe keeping.  I think it's justified.

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