Thursday, December 22, 2011

Laptop Cases

There are few things worse than going to an Apple store during the holiday season, at least, for me.  In the hopes that it would be empty, I even went to the sad, time-warped mall nearby where the parking lot symbols are still different colored shooting stars that haven't been retouched since the '80s and the anchor stores are J.C. Penny and Sears.  I worked at an Anthropologie, in a super busy mall outside of Chicago for two holiday seasons and now, whenever I step into the packed aisles of a mall in December, strange things happen.  I start stressing if I'll have time to make it to the Starbucks and back in the timespan of a lunch break, I refold clothes that people just throw on top of tables, like, right in front of them while giving them a dirty look, I look out for shoplifters and have to stop the weird post-retail voice in my head that says, You should tell a manager.  I annoy myself.

But anyways, I had to go to the Mac store because my computer wouldn't turn on.  I'm not a bring-your-laptop-to-a-cafe sort of girl, so I never thought about getting a case for it and the only one that I had was the ugly nylon black and neon green one that came with it.  And, to make matters worse, when I got it, my Mom must've stuck a newspaper article on how Extended Warranties for Computers are Scams in the case because when I pulled out my laptop for the guy, this article fell out on the table and at the top of it in bright red pen was written, "KATE!  Read this! -mom"  Embarassing.  Next time I'll be more prepared, hopefully with one of these cases...

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