Friday, December 16, 2011

Craft Depot

It was my friend's birthday a couple weeks ago and I decided to make her a pinata.  Enter Craft Depot- a craft supply warehouse in downtown LA.

I'm not saying that it's the best craft store ever BUT if you're the sort of person who looks at a selection of, say, 3 different quinceanera dolls that have been appropriated into candlestick holders and you think This is bullshit.  I need an entire AISLE of quinceanera candlestick holding dolls, well, then this might be the place for you.  The organization is confusing, the staff can be dismissive, and the clientele is sometimes a bit strange.  When I was buying pinata stuff a bus driver stood next to me and, while staring straight ahead, said, "What the hell does 6 for 12 pcs mean?"  Because there was no eye contact made, I wasn't sure if she was talking to herself or was on a bluetooth, but I ventured a response, "Um...6 dollars for 12 pieces, I guess..."  She nodded while NEVERLOOKINGOVER and said, "I just love glitter.  Don't you want to pour glitter all over yourself?"  Still, possibly thinking that maybe she was on the phone and it would be realllly weird for me to answer that question if it was not directed at me, but, also not wanting to be rude, I decided to stare ahead and say, "Yeah.  Glitters cool."  It continued on with her asking me questions about what sort of party I was going to, while never looking at me.  We both just talked at a wall of fake floral arrangements.  I felt like we were spies meeting up somewhere.  And then talking about really boring things.  Our friendship ended when she looked in my basket, pulled out paper stuffing and said (to the stuffing) "Girl, I've been looking everywhere for this!"  And then she walked away with it.  Anyways, that's kinda what the craft depot is like.

I like that these masks are in the luau section.

Here's the finished project...

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