Monday, September 12, 2011

Judgement Night

So, the summer before high school started I used to looove the movie, Judgement Night. As in: had-all-the-lines-memorized loved it.  Looking back, it might have been a strange favorite movie choice for a 13 year old girl since it's about some guys witnessing a murder and then being hunted down.  Anyways, Jeremy had never heard of it and since we've been doing a lot of Denis Leary impersonations around here (it's fun, I swear) I figured I'd rent it.  All the music in it came flooding back to me.  Remember the soundtrack? Collaborations between Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill, Helmet and House of Pain, Mudhoney and Sir-Mix-A-Lot.  My favorite was Fallin' by Teenage Fanclub and De La Soul.  I spent that summer listening to that song over and over on my walkman as I rollerbladed in an empty multi-level parking lot in Chicago with my friend from Germany.  She would sing the song with me but with an accent.  This song makes me think about rainbow popsicles and gliding figure-8's. 

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