Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Frankie Toyota Avalon

Dear Car,

I miss you.  So much.  I can forgive you for all this bs you've put me through these past couple of months if you would only come back to me. Feet and I are becoming mutually sick of one another and I don't even want to get into my relationship with Sensible Walking Shoes-too much shame.  I'm sorry about all that cheap fuel I fed you and the fact that I could pick you out on a block immediately because you were the dirtiest one there is inexcusable.  And you're right-I shouldn't of kept that insurance money for myself; you're the one that took the hit.  I'll change my ways, I swear.

Let's think of the good times.  Crunching down the snowy streets of Chicago together, doing donuts in parking lots, kicking up dust down country roads.  Car, please.  We have been all over America together; that's not something you just throw away.  Turn over when I'm talking to you.  Let's just put all this behind us and go to some bead stores downtown today like we've been planning all week.  Just me and you.  Together forever.

Photo by Kourtney Roy 

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