Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday Times In The Inland Empire

For my birthday I went to a wigwam motel, a brewery, a tiki drive-in, a miner themed restaurant, and a banana museum.  OK, except for the banana museum.  There is no longer a banana museum and don't let anyone tell you any different. But when they've got a picture like this on their website, you can't blame yourself for trying.
We did, however, get to go to the Hangar 24 brewery and sample beers across from the airport in Redlands.

The Wigwam motel is located along route 66 in Rialto.  While the area leaves a little to be desired you can walk across the street to a liquor store, auto body shops, about 50 fast food restaurants, and lots of cash for gold places.  So, bring your gold. Speaking of gold...our check-in conversation with the wigwam guy went as follows.
Guy(whispery voice): Where are you from?
Me: L.A.
Guy: (nodding) Louisiana.
Me: Um, no.  Los Angeles.
Guy: Got it. You guys gonna swim?
Jeremy: We hadn't thought about it.
Guy: Don't think...just dooooo.
Moments later...Guy: Hang on.  I'm about to pass out. He runs in the back and yells: Stop starting at your face! He returns and gestures to a cup on the counter: Oh.  I left my cup on the counter.  How rude.  I'm sorry.

Later on we saw him smoking cigars by the pool with a guy that kinda looked like the narrator from the Big Lebowski.  He asked us to drink with them.  We declined.  Needless to say, the Wigwam hotel is pretty rad.

Next stop was the Pomona Valley Mining Company for dinner and a view.

A quick stop at the Tiki Drive-In Theater and then we spent the next day driving all over the Inland Empire to find the elusive banana museum.  We did find some good thrift stores and the awesome Main St. Collectables along the side of the highway in Hisperia.  All in all, an A+ birthday.

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