Friday, August 5, 2011

Special Effects

Recently, I was thinking about when I did a hair show. You know, when hairstylists cut, color, and style your hair and you have to stand up in front of a crowd and it's kinda embarrassing but you just got your hair done for free and a bag of promotional products so you deal with it. Anyways, I did this bumble and bumble one and during the presentation she goes, "Katie's hair has been damaged from years of bleaching and using Manic Panic," and I was SO annoyed because I, in fact, was not a Manic Panic user but rather a Special Effects user. BIG BIG DIFFERENCE. Manic Panic was way beneath me. C'mon.

So then I started thinking about Special Effects and all the sudden I could totally smell the sweet scent of the dye and I could see all the bright red, purple, and pink streaks that would stain my forearms and ears for days. And all the poor bathrooms from the places I rented in my late teens/early 20s that were covered in rainbow splotches from me and my roommates. It was a wave of nostalgia. Candy Apple Red and Hot Lava were my colors. It was a real classy look for classy times.  Obviously.
Here's to crazy hair and drinking in the girl's room.

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