Friday, July 15, 2011

Save The Date Slackers

I sent out the last save the date today.  This was an achievement because half of the people we invited received theirs over a month ago.  Aside from a little bit of laziness on our part, there were a series of set backs that turned this into the longest process ever.  I'm pretty relieved our simple sounding project is all over and done with.

Here's the finished product...
And here's the process...

First we designed a stamp. 
We ordered our fool's gold and feathers from Black Bear Haversack Trading Post which has pretty much become my one-stop shop for everything from Viking buffalo drinking horns to flint strikers to abalone smudge bowls.  Not really, but do use caution when perusing there because it's pretty easy to convince yourself you need a bunch of oco ocho mineral polished geode formations.

We filled our glass tubes with fools gold, attached the feathers and tags, stuffed the boxes with moss  packed them all up, and wrapped each one in paper.
And then, as we're wrapping the last one, Jeremy decides we should test how they would fare during the shipping.  He shook the box around and we immediately heard the glass breaking.  A minor freak out ensues and then we calm down, unwrap each one, and cut open all the boxes.  The pieces of fools gold are too big so we decide to empty them all out and hammer them down into gold dust.
If you are ever planning on hammering fool's gold, know that it's messy, loud, hard to smash, and the dust will attack your eyes.  Wear protection.
With that done, we call our incredibly patient and wonderful friends over to help us refill, retag, and rewrap everything.
And then my jerk of a cat pees on a bunch of them.
Hates marriage.

Regroup, rewrap, repack.  500 days later...they're off!

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