Friday, July 8, 2011


So, hotmail just turned 15 years old. That also marks my time using them as my primary email address. I seriously must have been one of the first Katies to sign up with them because my email address is so simple, I get embarrassed telling it to people because there's no underscores, 500s, or even some semblance of my last name in it. I get made fun of for it, too. And I've been told not to put it on a resume because it makes me look antiquated. But...I can't give it up because it's like prime real estate in my mind. Another benefit is that I often get ridiculous personal emails sent to me that were probably supposed to go to katie10 or katiek or katie1996...

Generally, I ignore them. If it's something heart wrenching, like a breakup letter or kids emailing their grandparents, I'll email the sender back, letting them know they have the wrong address. But, sometimes...if I'm really bored...and it's seems like a harmless situation...I'll write back as whatever Katie they think I am.

Generally, they ignore me. But, recently someone wrote me back.  My email conversation with my "co-workers" as follows:

> Tom ---- <> wrote:
>> The Seton Hays foundation is having it's first real gala monday Sept 27
at 6:30.
>> The venue is The Mandola Winery and Restaurant in Dripping Springs.
>> Dress is "vinyard chic attire", which I'm told is something close to
business casual. The ladies should not wear high heels as the dinner will be
outside in the vinyard if the weather cooperates. I know of one person who
plans to where clean jeans and boots. You get the idea. It's not a fancy
>> Everyone and their mates is invited. Dr. Runge, who will be visiting us
at the time as a potential employee, doesn't know it yet, but she and her
new hubby will also be there.
>> I need to give them the names of the people that will attend this week.
Please let me know by thursday if you can make it.
>> -- Tom

<> wrote:

> Jeff & I will plan to attend...count us in.
> Lesley

From: Katie 
To: Lesley E.
Cc: Tom ; Catherine; Bill;  Carola; Brenda
; Robert 
Subject: Re: Seton Hays gala

This sounds great. I love wineries!  I think you guys will too  However may
I suggest that we incorporate some sort of theme into the attire?   I was
considering wearing my great new -clean- (haha) boots with a cowhide print.
Perhaps it could be a bovine theme. This would great as there is a recent
controversy surrounding the safety of raw milk. It is also great because the
second syllable of bovine is vine and well be at a vineyard. Wine comes from
grapes and grapes grow on a vine. Get it?  Great!
It'd also be great if we could get creative about it-you know-maybe some cow
bells or funny horns. No jokes about getting "horny" though. That's
tasteless. Especially for a winery. They say they're not snooty but they
are. Don't get intimidated though!
If we do this I think there should be no half assing it. Please don't just
wear black and white and call it a day. Oh, or just brown. That's really
lazy. I will not be able to enjoy myself at a winery if people are not
committed to the theme. It's ok if people moo sometimes-that's cute-but
let's keep it to a minimum towards the end of the night. I just don't want
these winery folks to think we can't handle alcohol. Trust me, I know how
these people are. And they gossip and we don't want to embarass ourselves
(Tom-I'm talking to you).

Welp, that's my 2 cents!  ;). I think were gonna have a really great time.
And please don't offer any other theme suggestions because I think we've
already got a great one going and I really want to wear my boots.

Also I'm really excited to meet this dr runge. But let's limit her alcohol
intake because we don't how she gets and I'd hate for her to make a fool of
herself at a winery.


*is it Friday yet?!?!  ;p

> Tom ---- <> wrote:

It took us a while to figure out that you are not our Katie. There were a few days of confusion at this side of her that no one had seen before, then amusement at the way you played it.
I appreciate your energy and creativity, but the mail address has been corrected, so you won't hear from us anymore.
Thanks for the fun !!

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