Friday, July 22, 2011

The Devil's in the Details

Flipping through books one recent afternoon, Jeremy handed me his copy of the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death.  The photography, subjects, and the story behind it is pretty amazing.  Like most heiresses, Frances Glessner Lee had some time, money, and a burning interest in forensic science.  She spent seven years creating miniature scale reproductions of actual crime scenes.  Murder, suicide, accidental death; it's all there in laborious detail.  The calendars in the rooms are set to the correct date, as are the newspaper and magazine covers.  A dollhouse fit for a horror film.  Apparently, she is the inspiration behind Murder, She Wrote (The reason, I'm sure, Jeremy owns it.  Favorite show!). Anyways, these models were used during the '40's in homicide investigation seminars.  These days they are on display at the Maryland Medical Examiner's Office.  Something to check out, if you find yourself in Baltimore.

Photos via: Eloise Moorehead, Bruce Goldfarb, and Gallery O

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