Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Curious Case of My eBay Wedding Dress

So, I find this wedding dress on eBay that I really like and I think it would be perfect for our California country-ish mountaintop wedding.

exhibit A.
 We have to bid through Jeremy's account because I haven't used mine in so long that I forgot my password and ALL OF MY SECRET QUESTIONS and eBays all, "you should know your secret answers," and I'm like, "I grew up on a lot of different streets," and then eBay just shrugs and says, "Sorry." And then a series of bidding miscommunications, bad timing, and poor WiFi connections takes place and we lose the dress. And I'm mad and I go get my hair done and I don't know if that ombre look is a good idea on me. And my hairstylist tells me, "Write the seller. Tell her you want it." And I do, because I really do.

exhibit B.

 And I write the seller, as if I'm Jeremy. And I make it really sad and sappy and I say how he messed up on the bidding (T) and that his fiance was so disappointed (also T) and if the seller could pass along a message to the buyer that we'd buy it from them for $100 more than what they'd paid, he'd really like to be able to get it for me. (He was not too amused when he saw this letter in his outbox and he continues to not be amused that I keep corresponding with the lady as him but it's too late now to switch horses midstream.) And then the lady writes back and says: Yes.  The buyer says she can't hold out on a girls wedding dress and doesn't even need the $100 extra.  Yay, right:

exhibit C.

But now it's been two weeks and the seller says she's just waiting for the buyer to send it back to her and then she'll charge us but maybe something seems weird... Like, maybe the buyer was willing to part with it for no extra $ because it's ugly in person? And why is it taking so long?  And are they being really nice and accommodating or is there something I don't know?

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